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About Motokabin

Motokabin Portable Motorcycle Garages and Motorcycle Transport Systems

Personal Delivery
For those cabins sold in Turkey, I deliver them myself. Believe me, it is a gruelling effort for me to be able to maintain these personal deliveries (280,000km for deliveries in the past 2 years). But for me, my riding family is important. I want to know them. I want them to know me. Riders are– and always will be– a family. It’s an undeniable bond.

Going Global
Since production began in 2015, Motocabin has been exported to 9 countries on three continents so far, including USA, Germany, UAE, Israel, Turkish Cyprus, Qatar, Kuwait, Kosovo, and Turkmenistan. And the Motocabin family continues to rapidly expand. This business is my pride… To be able to serve riders everywhere.

–Cengiz Sariaslan

Services and Products

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