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About MotoCabins

How It All Began…

Passion for Motors

So many of our stories start like this, don’t they? With a passion for motors. And for so many of us, this passion determines the roads we take.

For me, my motorcycle life started in my teen years and remained central to my life, spanning every kind of bike, every kind of terrain, all parts of Turkey. 

My years of nautical engineering eventually led me to try my hand at creating a protective structure for my motorcycle, then a 2013 Yamaha Dragstar. 

My First Attempt
The first model took me five weeks. It was a passion project. The creation of it was so gratifying– using my engineering skills for something I deeply loved. It added a whole new dimension to engineering for me. 

The first wooden prototype was passable, but it didn’t satisfy the perfectionist in me. It wasn’t as streamlined as I wanted. It wasn’t completely waterproof. But it did catch the attention of my biker friends. At that time, for years I had been head of one of Turkey’s largest motorcycle organizations. There was such an interest, I started to think, “What if I could develop my model to make it available to my whole riding community?” 

What followed was a stream of designs, trials, errors, investors, and many experiments with materials and moulds. What resulted in 2015  was the first successful Motocabin model. 

Since then, two more models have come to life and more are on the way. 

Personal Delivery
For those cabins sold in Turkey, I deliver them myself. Believe me, it is a gruelling effort for me to be able to maintain these personal deliveries (280,000km for deliveries in the past 2 years). But for me, my riding family is important. I want to know them. I want them to know me. Riders are– and always will be– a family. It’s an undeniable bond.

Going Global
Since production began in 2015, Motocabin has been exported to 9 countries on three continents so far, including USA, Germany, UAE, Israel, Turkish Cyprus, Qatar, Kuwait, Kosovo, and Turkmenistan. And the Motocabin family continues to rapidly expand. This business is my pride… To be able to serve riders everywhere.

–Cengiz Sariaslan

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