Model 1 Motorcycle Garage

Motocabin Model 1

Affordable, delivered to your door and assembled for you.

Model 1 is a portable motorcycle garage suitable for motorcycles of all sizes. It as been used successfully by hundreds of Motocabin owners for years. You can safely protect your motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, and equipment with the spacious Motocabin Model 1.

While Model 1 is suitable for almost all motorcycles on the market, it is the preferred cabin for bikes with large panniers and top boxes, such as Cruisers, Endro, Choppers, etc.

High Standard of Quality

The body of the Model 1 is made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin, the outside of which is painted with a gelcoat boat paint with high UV reinforcement, and the base is made of reinforced DKP sheet with electrostatically dyed non-slip surface.

Affordably Priced

Motocabin portable motorcycle garages support motorcycle enthusiasts with affordable solutions for high quality and durable protection.

Easy Installation

Motocabin portable motorcycle garages are delivered to your address and installed at your preferred location on your property. Your turn-key solution is ready to use the day it is delivered to you.

Durable and Long Lasting

Guaranteed for two years, the durable motocabins have a material life span of approximately 80 years.

Technical Specifications

Motocabin Model 1 Technical Specifications

Model 1 acomodates even the larger bikes with panniers and top boxes, such as Cruisers, Endro, Choppers, etc.

Length: 3130 mm
Width: 1360 mm
Height: 1750 mm