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Motorcycle Transport Trailer

We Custom Produce Motorcycle Transport Trailers for You

Our Motorcycle Transport Trailer provides a safe and stable journey with a front wheel locking system and tie straps.
In addition to trailers with a standard single motorcycle carrying capacity, we also produce custom-made multi-engine transport trailers for motorcycle service firms and off-road clubs.

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Technical Specifications

Motocabin Motorcycle Transport Trailer Technical Specifications

With its 40×60 steel-profile-supported aluminum floor, the Motocabin Motor Transport Trailer offers an easy and safe transportation for motorcycles with a strong, shock-resistant base, a front wheel lock, and tensioned suspension straps.  The trailer features LED tail lights and tires with a load bearing capacity of 750 kg. The technical dimensions of the trailer are as follows:

Transport Area: 1250mm x 1350mm x 1500mm
Dimensions: 3800mm Length x 550mm Height
Axle: 750kg
Weight: 220kg

High Standard of Quality

All of our Transport Trailers provide a secure, safe, and smooth ride for your motorcycles with a front wheel locking system that prevents tipping and with tension straps that prevent any slipping.

One Person Loading and Unloading

Our Transport Trailers offer the convenience of single person loading and unloading to our ground zeroing ramp system. In addition, our Transport Trailers perform well under extreme road conditions such as tight bends and steep hills.

Multiple Motor Transport Trailers

We produce custom designed multi-engine transport trailers for the needs of motorcycle distributors, dealers, technical services, off-road schools, and motorcycle clubs.

High Quality, Durable Construction

Carefully constructed with high quality, high performance materials, your transport trailer will safely transport your motors for years.