Cengiz Sarıaslan

Founder & Designer of Motocabin

Cengiz Sariaslan

Story of Motokabin

The products that came out of this journey that I started trying to protect my own motorcycle became sold all over the world in time. While I was watching my newly purchased motorcycle fade in the sun, rust and rot in the rain, and its saddle smashed by cats, suddenly I thought of the design that is the first example of the portable motorcycle garages we have produced.

Using my previous experience in the docks, I started to produce the first motokabin in the garages of the mechanics I know and use it for my own motorcycle first. When I saw how my friends who saw the Motokabin wanted me to make a Motokabin for themselves, I realized how common the problem was. Motorcycle owners who did not have a closed garage, almost all, without exception, needed a product like a motokabin.

Then I developed Model 1, our first commercial product, taking into account the difficulties I experienced. Unfortunately, I did not have the financial means for mass production. Meanwhile, my friends talked about KOSGEB’s entrepreneurial loan. In 2015, I started this business by capitalizing the 150,000 lira I received from Kosgeb.

Today, Motokabin has become a well-known brand that is sold to dozens of countries in 3 continents. The most important goal of my life is to produce quality solutions in the service of motorcycle enthusiasts like me.


I built my first motorcycle garage.

2013 – 2015
I developed the prototype of the model 1, which will be the first commercial portable motorcycle garage.

2015 – 2017
I started mass production of the Model 1. In this period, more than 1500 Model 1 met with owners.

2017 – Günümüz
I started the production of Motokabin model 2. Since then, 2500 more Motokabins have been sold.

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Email : info@motokabin.com