“Thank you, Cengiz Sarıaslan. You’ve made a great product. I strongly recommend it to all bikers.”

Motocabin customer testimonials Mehmet Memiş
Mehmet MemişMotocabin Model 1 Owner

“The most perfect motorcycle garage in Asia and Europe.  I’m not an expert biker but I do have a Motocabin. I got to know Cengiz through getting my Motocabin.

Motocabin costomer testimonials Uğur Gündoğdu
Uğur GündoğduMotokabin Model 1 Customer

“I knew about Motocabin’s anti-theft and weather protection, but I keep discovering new benefits each week. Last week I loaded up my bike the night before a big ride. It’s locked up and safe in the cabin, so the next morning I could just wake up and hit the road. What a time saver. Now that the weather is getting colder, all the cars and bikes have dew on them every morning, but my bike is always dry. Another Motocabin advantage.”

Testimonials Motocabin Model 2 Jennifer Eaton
Jennifer EatonMarketing director at Seven Consulting