Motokabin Portable Motorcycle Garage Systems

Motokabin portable motorcycle protection systems and transportation solutions
Motokabin is an industry leader, designing storage and transport solutions for motorcycles. Read how it all began...
Motocabin designs and manufactures portable garages and motor transport trailers for motorcycles of all sizes.
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The most practical way to protect your motorcycle

Motocabin Portable Motorcycle Garage

Motokabin portable motorcycle garage protect your engine from all these:

For bikers who don’t have a garage or a safe place to store their bike, parking can become a real nightmare.

A motorcycle left alone on the curb or yard is vulnerable to numerous dangers and damage, such as theft or being knocked over or being exposed to the elements, causing moisture and rusting or damage from the corrosive and withering effects of the sun.


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Why should you buy a Motokabin?

Maximum protection for motorcycles against theft and weather conditions.

High Quality Standards

Motokabin motorcycle garages are made of HDPE or HDP (high density polyethylene). This type of polyethylene is safe for human health and extremely robust and durable. It protects your motorcycle against environmental conditions for many years.

Affordable Prices

Motokabin portable motorcycle garages support motorcycle enthusiasts with affordable prices compared to their high quality and robustness.

Easy Setup

We deliver the Motokabin protatif motorbike garages within 1 hour, installed and functionally at the location you want in your garden or car park.

Durable and Long Lasting

Guaranteed for two years, the durable motokabins have a material life span of approximately 80 years.


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    State-of-the-art construction for optimal practicality, durability, and protection

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    Suitable for all types of motorcycles, scooters, quads

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    Keeps animals from “spraying” your bike. Prevents cats from scratching your upholstery.

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    The internal temperature stays steady longer to prevent condensation/dew from forming overnight

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    Provides protection from the harmful effects of rain, snow, hail, the sun’s UV rays, extremes of heat and cold.

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    Prevents anyone from touching your bike

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    Compact and space efficient for use even in the smallest of available spaces

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    Front wheel stand keeps the bike in a stable upright position and prevents the bike from tipping over

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    Maximum security with a closed loop lock system. Metal cabin struts also povide a place for you to chain your bike for even more security.

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    Incredibly durable, long lasting polythylene structure

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    Can be bolted to the ground via 4 ready bolt holes or mounted to a transport trailer

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    PACK & GO

    Provides a locked space so you can leave your equipment in the cabin. You can load your bike the night before a trip for quick morning departure.

Outdoor Protection & Maximum Security

Protects your motorcycle and equipment

Because Motokabin protects your motorbike.

Don’t leave your motorcycle to rot!

Motokabin portable motorcycle garage made to protect your motorcycle from the corrosive effects of rain, snow, cold, heat, and sun, ensuring that your engine always stays as new as day one.

In addition, Motokabin protects your bike from curious children, cats that sharpen their claws on your seat, airborne objects, would-be thiefs, and more.

In this video, Turkey’s famed motorcyclist, the late Barkın Bayoğlu (known as The Man in the Golden Suit) reviews his Motokabin. He was among one of Motocabin’s first customers.