Motokabin Model 2 Snail

Motokabin Model 2 is the most compact portable motorcycle garage developed for tight, covered areas. Model 2, our 2nd generation portable motorcycle garage, which we produced by blending the requests from our customers and the experiences we gained in motokabin model 1, was specially made for narrow spaces. Especially in places such as balconies, under eaves, indoor garages, where it is not possible to open the door upwards, saving on interior space. It offers ease of use with its more fit body and snail-shaped cover. Safely store your motorcycle, scooter, quad bike and riding gear together with the Model 2 Snail.

Technical Details

Motokabin Model 2 Snail Technical Information, Dimensions

Motokabin model 2 Snail has a very compact design, although it has a large interior volume that can easily fit almost all motorcycle models sold on the market, providing additional space for equipment and bags on top. It can be used without any problems in covered areas such as balconies and under eaves, thanks to its door that folds inward.

Outer Length: 3500 mm
Floor Length: 3130 mm
Cover Open Max Height: 1790 mm
Inner Max Height: 1750 mm
Maximum Width: 1360 mm
Weight: 145 kg

For Info & Order:

High Standards of Quality

Motocabin garages are made of HDPE or HDP (high density polyethylene) high density polyethylene. These types of polyethylene are safe for human health and are extremely strong and durable. It will protect your engine against environmental conditions for years.

Affordably Priced

Motocabin portable motorcycle garages support motorcycle enthusiasts with affordable solutions for high quality and durable protection.

Easy Installation

Motocabin portable motorcycle garages are delivered to your address and installed at your preferred location on your property. Your turn-key solution is ready to use the day it is delivered to you.

Durable and Long-lasting

Guaranteed for two years, the durable motocabins have a material life span of approximately 80 years.